GSBC Sept Shirt Bling Club

September 2015 I’m Not Just A Girl Club

GSBC Sept Shirt Bling Club

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Fancy Fish:

This was an interesting task. I wanted to do something for the fishing girls, but I also wanted something with water and with a hint of class. Not really sure how it all worked out, but I love the final design – even a couple of mermaids made the cut! When it came time for the shirt choice, I wanted something different that felt like water, but also knew that it would be best on a black shirt. This gold shimmer shirt was available so I went with it. When the shirts came in my printer actually called me to come down and look at them before we finalized the print…he wasn’t sure that I knew what I was getting us into! Wait until you wear it outside, it will add a real sparkle to your eye!

Im Not Just A Girl fancy fishI listen to a lot of different music. The other day I was driving with a CD playing in the background, my mind running at 1000mph. I was focused on the day at hand and the upcoming shirt club shipments etc. All of a sudden a song came on and out of nowhere I started singing. It was about fishing! Randy Travis’ “Keep Your Lure In The Water”. It caught me so abruptly that when it was done, I played it again. I wanted to share the main verse with you:

Keep your lure in the water, don’t just sit by the shore
There are souls to be caught everywhere in this old world
Go where hearts are plenty, don’t just drift with the tide
Keep your lure in the water, in the waters of life

Feel free to Google the song and listen to it. It has quite a great upbeat tempo. Fishing…


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Deanne truckerCheck out the awesome INJAG cooler! I wanted to get you something awesome, big, and useful! Play around with it, the inner liner can come out to be washed and dried. You can even keep it out to use it as a bag. I thought they were pretty fancy, and I hope you agree!


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