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May 2016 I’m Not Just A Girl Club

GSBC May Shirt Bling Club

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It’s been a while. I have a thousand excuses that don’t matter. Whoowee life is fast these days! In the course of the last few months I have downsized my business and am much happier to be focused on a small set of projects. I’m Not Just a Girl and the clubs are two of the projects that are staying. I am dedicated to you. Thank you for your patience while I worked though all my chaos. “I’m Not Just a Girl, I CAN do this!”

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Never Lost:

Some of my favorite sayings subtlely wrapped around a compass with a topographical map as a background! “Not all who wander are lost,” “Map out your future, but do it in pencil,” “Not until you’re lost do you find yourself,” “Find joy in every journey.”

Kaleigh Rebelle Rally Training

Kaleigh and I are already training for the Rebelle Rally. This was a night run that we joined in Arizona to get some of our training items checked off the list. I wrote up a full article on it at

As I prepare for the Rebelle Rally, I will admit that I feel this will be one of the most challenging experiences that I have had in the offroad world. The toughest part may be only having a Compass and Map for 7 days to find strategic checkpoints in the middle of the desert. Next, will be keeping the BFGoodrich Tires Jeep “Frankie” together, having vehicle sympathy while continuing to push the envelope of time. Third, will be maintaining competition focus for 10 days while camping, being lost and waking up early. And Fourth, but maybe really the hardest for me, we will not have any ability to use our phones or communicate with the outside world via social media channels! I twitch over that fourth one a lot! If you don’t hear from me in October, this is why!

More info:

My navigator will be my Ladies Co-Driver Challenge pick Kaleigh Hotchkiss. We will be wearing these exact shirts as our team shirts during the 10 day competition! We hope that you will follow along and cheer us on through the process ~ it’s going to be a wild one! Watch for updates as we do our training and kick off the event with Meet & Greets in October!

You can read more about training with Kaleigh at

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On top of work and travel, I have a “life” too. (I know, crazy right!) In my world right now, we are moving! (Not my favorite thing to do!) As I reorganize, I have a lot of gifts that I don’t have full quantities of to send to the whole club. So, this is our “random gift” shipment. I brought everything out, put it on a table and have randomly packed the heck out of your package! Yes, some of it is silly, but I hope you enjoy it all.

White Trash Brigade 2White Trash Brigade:

The White Trash Brigade is all about keeping the trails clean! Robert and Beckie have dedicated all their free time and their budget to put these sacks together for all offroaders to use. (Yes, their initial budget of bags came from selling an extra Jeep! Yes, they are in it for us!) Based out of Northern California, their mission is to create awareness in keeping all our trails safely open and clean to enjoy and to make sure everyone they meet on the trail going in has a bag to carry everything out. After making a considerable impact on the Northern California region over the last couple years with a few hundred bags, last year they stepped it up by creating 15,000 hand painted bags! This year they have even bigger goals and the hope to spread their message across the US. So, White Trash Brigadelet’s help them with their goals and encourage people to take their trash off the trails. Oh, you want a bag? I think we can make that happen…or if you want something made specific for your club or trail run, feel free to reach out to them. They want to support you too!


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Shirt & Bling Club $5 Promo is Back!  Are all your friends wondering where you get your cool shirts? Help them get signed up via and then send us a quick note telling us that you helped them. We will add $5 into your next package. Yep, cold, hard cash!

Win An All-Access Adventure! The destination is up to you. There are many ways to enter, and you have ONE automatic entry just by being part of the club! Multiple entries are accepted. For more information, visit Drawing will be held held 12/15/15, so submit as many entries as you can!

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