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May 2015 I’m Not Just A Girl Club

GSBC May Shirt Bling Club

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It’s Summer time… which also means it is that time of year to get out our Red, White & Blue, sunglasses and big cup for the three big holidays of the summer. I figured I would put together another patriotic themed shirt and “Made in America” caught my attention as a fun twist. I went a little wild with the camo shirt…I wasn’t sure I would like it either, but I will admit I have already worn it a couple of times and really like it. Give it a wash (it softens out quite a bit) and enjoy this summer!

There has been a lot going on since the last time I wrote. June celebrates 6 years as Bower Media, and will be the month we release our biggest project to date. I have been sticking close to the office lately putting all the finishing touches on it…and we are a go within the next two weeks! Stay tuned…. The coolest “once in a lifetime” event that I was part of in April, thanks to BFG Tires, was leading the Guinness Book of World Records longest Jeep parade around the Daytona International Speedway. Amazing!

Hope you have some fun summer plans! Go try something New…. ~ Charlene


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Made in America Camo Tshirt INJAG 800Made in America Camo:

I don’t want to get political, but it challenges me that so many are burning and disrespecting the flag and our troops. I can’t do anything about it in the big picture, but I can make a shirt that helps us stand proud.

I was trying to find some statistics about how many women are in the military today, or how many military mom’s there are when I ran across a great post by Midlife Army Wife on I’ve never been part of this lifestyle, but I appreciate those that are:

Made in America Camo INJAG 800“I love being a military wife & mom because we are able to appreciate life in a whole new way. I love that military life brought us out of our “bubble” into a world of experiences we could have never imagined and has made us stronger as a family as we lean on our faith and each other. I love that my daughter is proud not only of her Daddy, but of our country and our God. I love that she stands up and puts her hand over her heart anytime she hears the national anthem – even if it’s on TV. I love that my husband enjoys his job and that even on the hard days, he is doing something he is proud of. I love that we’ve made friends with people that we would have never crossed paths with were it not for the military. I love that every time we are apart, my husband and I appreciate each other even more and our marriage grows stronger every day. I love that my daughter gets to see how I react when I miss her Daddy, when the truck breaks, when the plumbing leaks, or when a friend moves away – and she learns that it’s ok to cry, but also that we can ask God for strength and together get through the toughest of times because our family is a team!”

Sounds like an “I’m Not Just a Girl” girl to me! Thank you to all those that find pride in our flag and support our troops as you do.

This shirt is available in a camo short sleeve t-shirt or tank top in sizes XS – 4XL. Please note, this shirt does run a bit smaller than normal.


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Tandi Hartman

Tandi still holds for one of my favorite pics from last year’s glasses!

Alice Gun

Alice showing not to mess with her ☺

The American Flag glasses were such a hit last year that I went out and got us more! If this is your second pair, please feel free to share with a friend!

We love this style of cup around the office. A perfect water or drink cup for any occasion or everyday! I sent you two cups so you can share a iced tea or cocktail with a friend this summer.
Or, if you are in the gifting mode, make another awesome girl smile with a cup.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Seeing Your Pictures! Keep sending them in!!


Beth Sundberg

Beth and her friend enjoying a beautiful day at the Grand Canyon!

Audrey rv

Audrey’s new ride! Yes this truckin’ mama is ready to roll to Jeep events everywhere.










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