GSBC July Shirt Bling Club

July 2016 I’m Not Just A Girl Club

GSBC July Shirt Bling Club

Total Retail Value: $38

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Hooray for Changes!

In the course of the last few months, I have downsized my business and am much happier to be focused on a small set of projects. I’m Not Just a Girl and the clubs are two of the projects that are staying. I am dedicated to you. Thank you for your patience while I worked though all my chaos.

On the boy side of the club, we are launching our first Ultimate Offroad Shirt Design contest! Anyone can submit a shirt design by Aug 10th and we will put together a social media vote for the favorite. The shirt with the highest votes will be the September boy shirt! The designer will receive 12 of their size choice. Let your friends know if they are a graphics person, and I will let you know when it is time to get in on the voting action! (Who knows, I may pick a second one as my personal favorite!)

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American Parts Tank:

I’m not going to lie, I made this shirt for Bower Media as a guys shirt first. Then while I was looking at my shirt options for the “Never Lost” tee, I found the new star tank top and had to have it! I think it turned out really fun! Can you tell what all the different parts are?

I don’t like getting political, so let’s not. Lets just make sure that we are all taking care of each other and supporting our Red, White and Blue!

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On top of work and travel, I have a “life” too. (I know, crazy right!) In my world right now, we are moving! (Not my favorite thing to do!) As I reorganize, I have a lot of gifts that I don’t have full quantities of to send to the whole club. So, this is our “random gift” shipment. I brought everything out, put it on a table and have randomly packed the heck out of your package! Yes, some of it is silly, but I hope you enjoy it all.

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Shirt & Bling Club $5 Promo is Back!  Are all your friends wondering where you get your cool shirts? Help them get signed up via and then send us a quick note telling us that you helped them. We will add $5 into your next package. Yep, cold, hard cash!

Win An All-Access Adventure! The destination is up to you. There are many ways to enter, and you have ONE automatic entry just by being part of the club! Multiple entries are accepted. For more information, visit Drawing will be held held 12/15/15, so submit as many entries as you can!

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